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Saturation Lists

Direct Response offers current-month data from every business and residential saturation list compiler at the guaranteed lowest prices. While these are all addresses acknowledged by the post office, there are some caveats to making the most appropriate selections.

Business Saturation: Well over 20% of all businesses have residential addresses-you’ll miss them if selecting only business records here. Instead combine it (or replace it if you aren’t obtaining saturation postage) with a current month Dun & Bradstreet list. While most of these residential addressed “businesses” are 1-person home-based businesses, some can be significant like professionals, contractors, rural manufacturers, farms, and many others mis-classified as residential (many of the houses converted to businesses along many “Main Streets”).

Residential Saturation: There is virtually no difference between residential saturation lists. However, you may be tempted (or offered by your list source), to add “names where available.” If this is your desire, we suggest you do not accept names appended to saturation lists as it is never from the current-month “name” lists. For several reasons it is always appended using 4 to 8+-month old wholesale data.

Instead, we suggest you purchase a separate name list from Epsilon/Equifax and merge the two. The costs are nominally higher than obtaining the “names” appended to your saturation lists.

All of these files are date stamped for postal compliance discounts; you need only check the date to be assured our data is the freshest and most deliverable.

We primarily serve the reseller market and many of the nation’s largest insurance and financial institutions as they have confidence our research, expertise, diligence, and ability to negotiate large custom contracts is unsurpassed.

What could be better than dealing with the source of the data? Dealing with an organization that knows all of the sources and how to get the most out of each. In addition a 25+-year list industry veteran, cited on the cover of an industry-leading publication as “a super-expert” will review all of your non-standard requests. We’ve even been cited as those, “who know how to get more out of complied information than anyone we have ever known.”

99% of our thousands of customers (including dozens of Fortune 500’s) were referred to us by other satisfied customers. We sell only with our expertise.

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