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Consumer Lists

Direct Response offers current-month data from every consumer list compiler at the guaranteed lowest prices. Nearly every other reseller offers wholesale data from installed files at similar prices, yet the data they sell from the same compilers is regularly one to four months older and is not updated monthly as often claimed.

True updates are “refreshes” from the compiler where 15% of the files often change as source records are added and expire, not because each month 15% of the public turns 18, dies, or moves (though the USPS claims 18% move each year). Resellers simply run NCOA processing on out-of-date data, which recognizes only a small portion of all moves and does not remove out of business or add new residents.

We primarily serve the reseller market, and many of the nation’s largest insurance and financial institutions. They have confidence that our research, expertise, diligence, and ability to negotiate large custom contracts are unsurpassed.

Our tests, experience, and client results prove current-month Epsilon/Equifax data is most appropriate for most traditional consumer list applications. If further penetration is required or where Epsilon/Equifax doesn’t offer the required selects, we’ll provide “unique-only” records from Experian, Donnelly, Acxiom, KnowledgeBase, or any other compiled, response or subscription lists.

We even offer total coverage by means of, or with unique-only records from Valassis or other saturation lists and customize these files for maximum response. We’ll provide counts from all applicable sources, provide basic merge/purge, key code primary demographics for segmenting and tracking whether purchased or not, provide multiple files in the custom formats of your choice, all at no charge.

We offer the lowest prices and minimum orders on all consumer list data processing services. We also offer data append of any consumer data element from any compiler and can often offer multiple options so you get only what you need at the lowest possible price.

We help you understand the sources utilized in creating individual data elements, their accuracy, and the frequency and variables with which the fields are populated ensuring your analysis provides true, non-skewed results. We even identify options where less accurate, less expensive data can provide nearly the same analysis results often at 50% less cost. We even help you set-up tracking and analysis programs, just ask.

What could be better than dealing with the source of the data? Dealing with an organization that knows all of the sources and how to get the most out of each. In addition all of your non-standard requests are reviewed by a 25+-year list industry veteran, cited on the cover of an industry-leading publication as “a super expert,” and we were cited as those, “who know how to get more out of complied data than anyone we have ever known.” We review all non-standard requests. Please ask for your free consultation.

99% of our thousands of customers (including dozens of Fortune 500s) were referred to us by other satisfied customers. We sell only with our expertise.

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