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Serving The Nation's Largest Banks and Mailers Since 1993


What We Do:

Direct Response culls the most accurate business and consumer records from the current-month “Retail” files of only the most accurate list compilers using unique selects and expertise unknown to many of the compilers’ representatives, let alone the list industry.

We access the data directly and do not use installed, out-of-date “Wholesale” files, which are updated only quarterly, semi-annually, or sometimes monthly using already out-of-date data, the source of 90%+ of all lists sold by resellers. We obtain your data when needed from the compilers’ current-month files, where the rest of the industry “updates” old data monthly using postal processes-never obtaining the freshest data from the compilers.

Who we do it for:

Direct Response currently services 33% of the largest 100 banks, insurers and research firms in the nation. They rely on our expertise in understanding the various compilers’ offerings, the sources of each data element, their variables, composition, and accuracy.

Once the appropriate selections and methods are determined they rely on us to negotiate large custom contracts and to provide current-month data at the lowest prices anywhere.

Our ability to deliver as many as 100,000,000+ business records in a given year (saving one customer more than $1,000,000 in a single contract), assures we provide wholesale pricing on retail (current-month) data where the industry provides wholesale (out-of-date) data at retail prices. We have no competition.

How we do it:

For more than 25-years we’ve been working directly with current-month data. Our team has more than 50-years combined experience including 13 positions with the largest business-data compiler, winning Presidential and other awards, direct access to those compiling the data, and we’re even paid consultants and a test site for new products, programs and delivery systems.

We’ve gathered the data, analyzed it, wrote programs to process it, and even wrote the original credit reports on the world’s largest credit-reporting agencies (and 50+ subsidiaries) for their President of Operations.

As the only National Account Coordinator, a company of 60,000+ employees at that time, our founder was responsible for their relationships with the largest 100 banks in the nation. 33% of these same banks are now our customers.

How we prove it to you:

    1. First, our website has no “run your own” count systems. The retail files from the leading compilers are not available online-you must have a contract or ask a compilers’ representative to run counts. Nearly every online count system accesses only limited, out of date, wholesale (reseller) data.

    2. We’ll duplicate the counts provided directly from any compiler where “wholesale” list counts will not match. The differences will be obvious.

    3. We’ll allow you to download the data directly from the compilers’ FTP sites, or even show our receipts (perhaps sans pricing), so you know it isn’t coming from an installed, wholesale file.

    4. We’ll provide the CASS/NCOA/DPV certificates provided by the compiler-not from a wholesale list “update.”

    5. We’ll provide references with contact name and telephone numbers from many of the top 100 banks in the nation, despite the fact we have confidentiality agreements with most of them. Our website isn’t full of half-identified quotes and stolen logos in an industry where 8 of 10 list sources are 1-person, home office-type operations.

    We have always maintained outstanding credit references, have some clients purchasing more than 500 lists, and even saved one client over $1,000,000 in a single contract.

    6. Check out our credit reports. We have always maintained an excellent credit rating (as do and have our founders and employees personally), with multiple sources providing over $250,000 in credit, assuring you we have the buying power you need.

    7. Just ask for a price sheet. We offer the compilers’ complete line of products and services where wholesale files have far fewer data elements and selects.

    8. We’ll bill you AFTER you verify your data was obtained directly from the compilers’ current-month file so you’ll have no risk whatsoever.

    America’s Foremost List and Database Experts